In a highly competitive global environment market consolidations and  uncertain economic expectations CORAL LTD. is committed to developing  innovative methods for surfaces cleaning and advanced treatments for our  marine and industrial clients worldwide.

 Vertically integrated and on the forefront of technology CORAL LTD. offers  state of the art, cost effective and environmentally friendly products which  protect our clients capital investments that are constantly exposed to  corrosive environment.

 Utilizing a network for the time being between Greece and Romania, our  highly trained technical experts and corrosion engineers provide the best  solutions based on specific customer requirements and according to the  latest developments in surface preparation methods.

As CORAL LTD. we offer a broad range of advanced equipments designed to prepare metal structure offering in the same time quality / reliability and guarantee success.

Our equipments included in the following attached list. Offered works with the following equipments are Cleaning, Gas Free, Staging, Ultra High Pressure Jetting up to 2500 bar for hydroblasting, Sandblasting, Tank Coating, Painting etc.

CORAL LTD. has been established in 1990 as a company exclusively using high pressure water jetting but rapidly developed in all the procedures of surface preparation strengthening its international presence.

Closely focusing on the present and future needs of our customer base and building long lasting relationships with leading maritime and industrial organizations, CORAL LTD. offers complete solutions for any and all corrosion control problems and has all you need to guarantee success.

Our cleaning and anticorrosion methods, have perfect results and have already been worked in all kind of steel surfaces.

Also the range our activities, covers all types of steel onshore and offshore facilities, where we can offer the most effective anticorrosion, cleaning and painting solutions and can provide at the same time all the technical and machinery support that needed.